Why store with us?

You can feel secure storing your goods in our warehouse facilities. We have decades of experience storing fresh, frozen and dry products. 

Our multi temperature facilities allow us to customize our space to meet your products needs. Your inventory is managed by our expert team to reflect your distribution needs. No matter your storage needs we work with you to provide a solution.


Storage options to fit your needs

Temperature Technology

Our technology makes it possible to get valuable, perishable items to remote areas of prairies.

Pristine Facilities

Ensuring proper handling from arrival to departure. Our facilities are, BRC accredited, HACCP and CFIA recognized, and SLGA certified.

Online Inventory Management

Inventory is efficiently managed using technology that allows us to control product safely and handle order fulfillment in a timely manner.

Short & Long Term Programs

Your products are secure in our facilities until you are ready to ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I calculate my cost for storing product in your warehouse?
Can I access my product whenever I want?
Are you available to export or import my meat products?
Do you have multiple storage locations available?
Do you only store refrigerated products?

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